Letter from the Executive Director


Hello Everyone:

We are grateful for you, our participant family, for making CTC as great as it is today!

If you haven’t gotten the news, CTC 2023 registered 10,070 vehicles from 45 states, Canada, Germany and England.  Over a thousand registrants were first timers.  We even had one gentleman tell us he registered from the data center on a cruise ship off the coast of Iceland, the day before the deadline.

We are grateful for you, our participant family, for making CTC as great as it is today!

We hope you enjoyed all the cars, music, celebrities and the great weather.  The return of Waveland was an overwhelming success as many of you made your way to Coleman Ave. and experienced Hot Rods & Hospitality.  The City of Waveland really “put on the dog” as we say.  And you can’t beat that ride along the Gulf.

If you didn’t get yourself any of those free Mississippi Gulf Fresh Seafood shrimp samplers, you certainly missed out.  A squeeze of lemon and a dash of hot sauce, or both, put them over the top.

Our legion of Host Car Club Volunteers, along with our Cruisin’ Krewe community volunteers, certainly worked hard so you could have a great time.  As a matter of fact, 585 volunteers worked 10,493.75 documented hours of their time to help, host and provide hospitality to all our visitors.  Thanks to each and every one!

I’d also like to take just a minute to thank all of our sponsors.  They provide the fuel that makes CTC run.  There are too many to name individually, but I encourage you to explore our website, www.cruisinthecoast.com, look them up and click on their link.  And while you’re there, get yourself registered and begin planning for CTC 2024!  We’re hot on it!

See you down the road,

Sherwood R. “Woody” Bailey, Jr.
Vice Chairman & Executive Director

Cruisin' The Coast